Moms and famous: Cindy back in season six, she discusses her salary for the first time

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Cindy Poumeyrol will be back in the sixth season of the Moms and Famous show and the candidate spoke about her salary for the first time.

Cindy Poumeyrol has announced her return in the sixth season of the show Moms and Famous. Despite a very busy schedule, the 34-year-old woman wants at all costs to recreate a link with viewers. “So I wanted to resume filming to be closer to you, to share part of my daily life with transparency, and to show you that I have an ordinary life. And above all to help some mothers to relax!” she wrote during a frequently asked question on Instagram. In addition to that, the candidate of Koh Lanta, The Legend, spoke about his salary for the first time.

In response to a user, she wrote the following message: “So between us, it’s a superb production, but with small budgets. We really don’t do this program for money. I earn more my living with my collaboration contracts. Me, I resume because we are fed up (but I chose to resume only one day a week), my cameraman who followed me is back (she was on maternity leave) and then apparently, you missed me. I diversify my activity. so different unsponsored content. I need to be comfortable, because we’re not going to lie to each other it’s still very intimate. But I play the game with pleasure. And above all I have new interesting things to share , I don’t like to turn to turn “.

Cindy Poumeyrol ready to take on any challenge

Cindy Poumeyrol will thus be able to film the arrival of her second daughter, while continuing to highlight her eldest, Alba, and her husband, Thomas. A hell of a job for the young mother, who also has to manage her clothing brand, her job as an influencer on social networks and the renovation of her house at the same time. “It’s hard to resume filming” confided the adventurer, who is not afraid to take up challenges.

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