Moms and famous: An emblematic candidate of the Ch’tis for the casting? He launches a call for production

Moms and Famous

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An emblematic candidate of the Ch’tis has just launched a call for the production of Moms and Famous to participate in this program.

Since its inception, the show Moms and Famous is a real hit on TFX! For this reason, the seasons are linked and currently the shooting of the sixth edition is underway. If we already know that we will find Rym, Julia Paredes, Jesta, Camille Froment, Cindy Poumeyrol, Martika, Stéphanie Clerbois, Kelly Helard, Maëva Martinez and many others, many rumors are circulating as to the ‘possible presence of new mothers in the casting. For example, many Internet users wonder if Mélanie Dédigama will participate in the program with her darling Vincent and their daughter Naya after clues have sown doubts.

Charles seems to want to participate in the Moms and Famous show – Credit (s):

Some would also like to be in the cast of the next season of Moms and Famous Charles, an emblematic candidate of Ch’tis. Moreover, as you can see from the snapshot above, during an FAQ with his subscribers, the young man called for production of the TFX show. Indeed, he mentioned her Instagram account in a story just after an Internet user expressed his wish to see him in this family program. But then, will it work and will little Eleanore’s father participate in the sixth edition or the next?

Charles at the casting?

If Charles makes his comeback on our screens in Moms and Famous, it will be the second time that a famous father has entered the show. Remember, at the start of 2021, Benjamin Machet, reality TV candidate revealed in Angels 5 landed with his wife Sarah and their two children Tao and Damian in season four of the TFX program. Since then, he has shared his daily life with his family, to the delight of his fans. But then, will the ch’ti have the opportunity to do the same? Only the future will tell us !

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