Momoland and Natti Natasha hit in new Yummy Yummy Love teaser

Everything is set for Momoland’s next comeback and their special collaboration with Natti Natasha will be a great highlight and their new teaser proves it.

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Every time there is less for the comeback of Momoland, this girl group is more than ready to take the stage once again and enchant all their fans who have dedicated so much love and support to the girls of this group; his long-awaited return will have a collaboration special.

The K-Pop and Latin music will come together to give fans something new and fresh, as Momoland worked with Natti Natasha On ‘Yummy Yummy Love’, This Unexpected Collaboration Has The World With Great Excitement For Him comeback del idol group.

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And through various teasers such as photos and videos, Momoland and Natti Natasha have taken it upon themselves to further accelerate the hearts of the fans who are patiently waiting for ‘Yummy Yummy Love’, the collab will have an official MV that we can all enjoy.

How will the video musical de ‘Yummy Yummy Love’? Su new advance It shows us more of the concept and brilliance that all the girls who have participated in this collaboration will have, this is how Momoland idols will look next to Natti Natasha.

Momoland and Natti Natasha love it in new teaser for Yummy Yummy Love

Yummy Yummy Love de Momoland feat. Natti Natasha has his first teaser for him Official MV That the girl group will premiere on January 14, in this we can see all the dazzling artists of the collaboration, the light is not lacking and the brightness of all is simply amazing.

There are only a couple of days left to hear all about ‘Yummy Yummy Love’ and see their official video that will be packed with the talent of Momoland and Natti Natasha.

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The visual film of Yummy Yummy Love shows us more of its concept

Neon colors and a retro vibe dominate the visual film that Momoland has launched for Yummy Yummy Love, in this one Natti Natasha stands out very well and then we can see her accompanied by the girls of the idol group, this will be her concept.

Are you ready to hear this amazing collaboration? Surely Natti Natasha and Momoland will impress with this new song for which many fans can no longer wait.

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