Mom Jennifer, Florence has a heart and responds to the appeal: “We’ll give you a house for free”

“I’m just a worker who arrives precisely at the end of the month, I live in a small house in the center of Florence but I am available to host the Lady with her child ”. This is just one of the dozens of messages that have arrived at the drafting de The nation in the last twenty-four hours, since Light! published the complaint article on Jennifer’s casea 36-year-old mother abandoned by her partner at the beginning of her pregnancy, remained homeless and without work, looking for an urgent accommodation in Florence for himself and for the daughter of just 11 months.

The response of the Florentines – and not only that – it was immediate: “We are a family from Pistoia, we can host the mother and the little one”; “I hold you forever to both of you”; “Come to our house, we will host you for free with nothing in return, just a gesture of love for you and your little girl until you settle down”. Many ask the editorial staff how to contact Jennifer, in order to offer immediate comfort and accommodation to mother and daughter. Almost no one asks for money in exchange, whoever does it promises a controlled rent.

Mom Jennifer and her 11-month-old daughter in Florence (Photo courtesy of her mother)

What struck the editorial staff was the generosity of the readers who, despite having in many cases just enough accommodation available to host their own family, are willing to huddle together to make room and accept the desperate appeal of this mother who, however, does not intend to only to solve a personal problem, but also to report an age-old situation that afflicts many other mothers in the same conditions. “My little girl and I need a roof where we can live together without the fear of having to change accommodation every two weeks – she told Luce! just yesterday morning -. It is an appeal that I make for myself, but also for many mothers in the same conditions as me. I know many who, day after day, encounter the same difficulties as me “.

There are also numerous messages that underline the responsibility on the part of the Municipality and public institutions to take charge of cases such as that of Jennifer and her little Viola: “The Municipality and social workers must give her support, a nursery for the girl and accommodation. In this way you will be able to resume working and living in dignity “.

Whatever happens, whether thanks to a takeover by the institutions or thanks to the generosity shown by our readers, we hope to soon be able to write an article that tells about the accommodation of mother Jennifer and her child in a decent accommodation, without the fear of being evicted again within a few weeks.

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