Mom bans kids from sleepovers and splits TikTok with its unpopular rules

A mother caused controversy in USA by the rules of conduct that it imposes with its children. The protagonist, Tara Huck, prohibits her children from attending sleepovers and in TikTok users have different opinions.

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In the last months of this year, Tara Huck decided to share in TikTok some of the parenting rules she has with her two children, both of whom are in North Carolina elementary school. The post went viral and surpassed one million views.

I don’t allow sleepovers”Is one of Tara Huck’s rules. According to the woman, this prohibition does not bother her minor children

“My kids, if you ask them, they know what a no is, we just don’t have sleepovers.”said Tara

According to the mother, these rules were taken based on her experience, conversations with professionals, and what she has researched.

All this means is that as a mother, I researched, read, spoke, listened to professionals, and indeed if you scroll through a lot of the comments, there are professionals scattered there, police officers, social workers, psychologists who all say that the Slumber parties are one of the main places where things like sexual assault happen“, said

Then she added: “All I try to do as a mother is eliminate a small factor that can keep my children safer.”

“As long as school and chores are finished, I don’t limit my time in front of the TV screen; “If they don’t eat what I do, they don’t eat,” are other of Tara Huck’s rules.


The rules it imposes Tara Huck divided the users of the social network TikTok. Many questioned the parenting method.

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“¿No sleepovers? Oh! Those are some of my favorite childhood memories!Asked one user.

“¿Did something happen or has it always been your decision? Only for curiosity”asked another. Tara replied that “This is another question that I have been asked a couple of times, other people have also hinted that something terrible must have happened to me and that is why I made the decision that I did. No”.

Other users, however, reported that they share the same rules as Tara Huck.

We are the same, I can’t trust random people. My children are only allowed with friends, very close relatives and vice versa “said one user.

Another said: “We have the same rules! Another reason I don’t host sleepovers is that I’m not a fan of most kids. “

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