Molenaar does not understand Blind’s reserve role: “He should play at Ajax”

Keje Molenaar believes that Daley Blind should be in the base at Ajax every week. The defender has had to make do with a reserve role in Amsterdam in the past period. In addition, the Amsterdammers are not in a good phase at the moment.

Molenaar sees that Blind also has weaknesses in addition to his qualities. “We all know that he is not one hundred percent defensively,” says the former footballer at Good morning Premier League from ESPN. Nevertheless, Molenaar thinks that Blind, because of his footballing qualities, should always be in the starting line-up. ‘Daley always has to play, that’s where football starts at Ajax.’

‘He should play at Ajax’

Molenaar then tells Ajax to build around the player. “You’ve got to have some guys around that who can make up for Blind’s defensive shortfall.” Molenaar sees how strong Blind is on the left. ‘He should play at Ajax. I can’t believe he’s not playing. There must be a few guys around Daley’, continues Molenaar.

Blind started from the bench in the last four games. Molenaar believes that Ajax should attract defenders who are left behind at all times. ‘Vitesse was able to cross the entire field twice last week without meeting anyone.’

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