Modric and Mbappé, Real Madrid overwhelmed by this gesture!

The controversy swells in Madrid, where Luka Modric was deemed far too nice with Kylian Mbappé during the recent France-Croatia.

For the first time in its history, Croatia beat France on Monday evening at the Stade de France. Admittedly, the League of Nations is not the cutthroat competition of this year 2022, but the players at the checkered table had a solid match and shone with their ability to keep the ball in the second half. At the center of this tactic, a Luka Modric still as twirling and precise, and who once again impressed in Saint-Denis. The Real Madrid midfielder was logically congratulated for his good meeting, but he is nevertheless at the heart of a huge controversy in Spain for his actions in the corridors of the Stade de France. Indeed, Spanish television hastened to broadcast several images of the match where we see him hug Kylian Mbappé.

Pedrerol shocked by Luka Modric

Enough to make Josep Pedrerol, the host of the sulphurous show El Chiringuito, totally beside himself, and who had even put his job at stake by betting on the certain arrival in his eyes of Kylian Mbappé. Since then, the journalist has not stopped spitting on the French PSG striker and has it clearly bad. So when he learned that, in addition to the accolades, it was Luka Modric who asked for Mbappé’s shirt after the game, Pedrerol clearly went into a tailspin.

In front of the audience of his consultants and journalists, including former Real Madrid player Guti, the boss of El Chiringuito did not hide his anger. “Is what you are telling me true? Modric asked for Mbappé’s shirt? What ? How can he ask for his shirt? The player who left Real in the lurch. Modric is a madridista, Mbappé made fun of madridistas and he asks him for his jersey. It’s a joke, isn’t it? Modric is a manager of Real, it must be a joke. Honestly I’m shocked. It happened a week ago and he asks her for her shirt “Literally hallucinated Josep Pedrerol in front of his colleagues who were much more measured than him.

To burn Mbappé’s jersey?

If some were ironic in explaining to him that it was ” the end of the world others insisted that this was done in major international matches without club football being targeted. For his part, Guti had a yellow laugh, asking with a hint of amusement if Modric had taken Mbappé’s jersey to be able to burn it. An atmosphere therefore held for a gesture of friendship between two players who have already faced each other many times in recent years. But in Spain, or at least among the fervent supporters of El Chiringuito, we clearly do not forget.

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