Moderator Petr Vágner among the members of the URNA unit: Shooting with sharp bullets

It is normally impossible for ordinary people to join the elite unit. However, the New Day presenter does not know the word impossible. “I had the opportunity to train with the URNA police department for the second time. Probably the most difficult thing for me was running and shooting a machine gun at a target, then changing the weapon on the run to a pistol and continuing to shoot at the target.” he admitted Wagnerwho, as a holder of a firearms license, practiced all the time with live ammunition. “If the guys had one free place in URNA, I probably wouldn’t be persuaded!” Vágner is clear.

Divorced Petr Vágner and his partner Silvia: They are going to the races together!

Together with him, the head of Nové dne edition also participated in the training day. It was a big premiere for Markéta. In URNA, it is customary to baptize newcomers by throwing them into ice water. “After the training, I got into the company car, thinking we were going home. I put on my shoes and put on a heavy leather jacket. At that moment, the puppeteers burst into the car, picked me up and carried me, while I was screaming and hysterical, to the water tank.” Křivánková described the moments before the baptism in ice water.

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