Model makes millions and makes a fortune on OnlyFans without showing her face: “My parents wouldn’t approve”

One of the stars of OnlyFans, to model Bambi Blue he said he made a real fortune on the platform even with a differential; she never shows her face, doesn’t reveal her real name or age.

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Afraid of being rejected by her family, she covers her face in all the sensual, nude photos she shares. In videos too. Not even your friends, stays and boyfriends know about the occupation. Even so, it earned around US$ 3 million – just over R$ 16.5 million – in the last year alone.

Before investing in content production for OnlyFans, Bambi Blue worked in an office in California, USA, and received $100 a month (just over R$550). Now it earns US$ 250,000, around R$ 1.38 million per month.

“Since I started with OnlyFans, I didn’t want my parents to know or my identity exposed. I feel that I would be summarily rejected if my family or friends knew what I do to earn money,” she explained to the Daily Star.

She added: “My parents are very strict, but I get along well with them. They think I still work at the office. Working from home is very convenient, I don’t even need to explain why I’m not leaving home every day to work,” said she, who is in her early 20s.

“I worry, I don’t know what it’s going to be like when they find out what I do, but I hope they understand, because it’s an important part of my life. None of my ex-boyfriends know, I’m really good at keeping secrets,” she said.

The work on OnlyFans, according to Bambi, has already yielded embarrassing situations, such as the time he was having dinner and had to take a call from a fan:

“You never know when someone will be online wanting something, I was having dinner with my family and I had to ask to leave the table, I had to go to the bathroom to get it,” she recalled.

In addition to photos and videos for adults, the model explained that she receives many proposals to show her face:

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“There was one who offered me US$5,000 (just over R$27 thousand) to show my face and I refused. Another fan offered me a first-class trip to Italy, but I also refused”, he added.

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