Model found dead in a suitcase a year after her disappearance, a video appears in which she accuses her ex-boyfriend. And he confesses: “I strangled her”

Gretta Vedler he knew he was in danger. This is what emerges from a ‘video testament’ – also published by Daily Mail -, in which the Russian model reports that she has been threatened with death. “I’m from room 708. I screamed several times, but no one came to my rescue. I remember his name ”, Gretta says to the hotel staff in the clip, while secretly he is filming everything with his mobile phone. And the name she repeats is that of Dmitry Korovin. He, her ex-boyfriend, in fact then he confesses to having killed her following a quarrel. Investigators further revealed that Korovin slept in a hotel room for three nights with his ex-girlfriend’s body in the suitcase. To make believe that she was still alive, moreover, she continued to post on the model’s social networks.

The British newspaper also said that the clip was sent to a friend of hers (whose name is unknown), who commented on the story as follows: “I met Korovin several times and I didn’t like him at all. For one thing, it had seemed unpredictable, dangerous, and unprincipled to me. And then he had taken advantage of her, of the fact that she had made a lot of money ”. Money that he seems to ask her all the time, even after the drug addiction. An investigator said the killer, who is expected to undergo a forensic psychiatric evaluation, told him: “I couldn’t bury her somewhere in the woods, like some kind of dog. I couldn’t do this to her ”. These are the words of Dmitry Korovin who, during the interrogation, fully admitted her guilt, explaining that he had strangled her due to a conflict that arose due to financial and domestic discussions. The girl went missing over a year ago. Her lifeless body was found instead on March 15 last.


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