Mobile plan sales: pay only €8.99/month and enjoy 100 GB in 4G on Orange or SFR

On the occasion of the winter sales, Coriolis is once again showing generosity on its non-binding mobile plans. Until January 25, 2022, the operator applies a reduction of more than 50% on its 100 GB and 30 GB packages by offering them respectively at €8.99/month and €6.99/month.

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The Christmas promotions have already passed to operators and MVNOs. But Coriolis continues its very attractive offers at the launch of the sales ofwinter by offering two offers until January 25: the 100 GB and 30 GB packages are half price and clearly worth the detour.

Promotions on Coriolis packages:

30 GB and 100 GB packages at half price: details of the offers

Right now and until next January 25, the virtual operator allows its new customers to buy these 2 packages mobiles without commitment at half price. This is a great offer not to be missed if your current package no longer satisfies you. What’s more, change operator has become very simple today and Coriolis promises to take care of everything.

Thanks to this super promo, the package with 30 GB of Coriolis will not cost you € 14.99 each month. During your first 12 months of subscription, you will be charged only €6.99/month. Such a low price in exchange for full services: unlimited calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and 30 GB data envelope. And we obviously don’t forget the Cherry on the cake: your Coriolis pass can follow you when you travel in the European Union and in the DOM/COM. From these destinations, communications are unrestricted and you will have 9 GB of data to surf the internet.

But why settle for 30 GB of data if for an additional 2 euros you can have 100 GB of additional data? Indeed, the Coriolis 100 GB package is only 8.99 euros at present. This promotional rate will be maintained for 12 months before climbing to 18.99 euros. Regarding the communication component, the content is similar to what the other package offers: unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France and from the EU and DOM/COM. It is rather at the level of the web envelope that things get interesting. By subscribing to this package without engagement, you benefit from 100 GB of mobile data to access your favorite web content from mainland France. Abroad, on the other hand, you have 11 GB of data to stay connected to your favorite entertainment.

Finally, if you don’t use your mobile very much, Coriolis’ 2 GB no-commitment plan might be right for you. The offer offers unlimited calls and SMS/MMS and 2 GB of mobile data (also usable in Europe and the DOM/COM). It is also on sale at the moment. Instead of €9.99/month, Coriolis offers it to you for only €4.99/month for 12 months.

What you must remember

  • Mobile plan without commitment 30 GB at €6.99/month for 12 months then €14.99/month with unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France and from abroad;
  • Mobile plan without commitment 100 GB at €8.99/month for 12 months then €18.99/month with unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France and from abroad;
  • Promotion valid until January 25, 2022.

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