Mo & Dennis out: Does Bachelorette Sharon not want to date VIPs?

Sharon Battiste (30) explains her decision! On Wednesday the time had finally come: the first episode of the new Bachelorette season flickered across the TV screens. On the first night of the roses, three men left the villa. Next to Patrick Niebauer Love Island star Dennis Felber (23) and ex-Are You The One? participant Mohamed Aidi (36) also had to travel home. But there is a specific reason why Sharon directly sent the candidates with TV experience home? She spoke about it now celebrity flash.

in the celebrity flashinterview clarified the 30-year-old now. In fact, the popularity of the two men did not influence their decision. “Basically, I don’t care which man is by my side, whether he’s already in the public eye or not,” she clarified. is important for Sharon just that the chemistry is right. “It just has to fit”She said.

Mon and Dennis apparently it doesn’t matter that they had to leave the show on the first night of the roses. “I’ll say it like this Sharon unfortunately wasn’t the type of woman I’m into”Dennis admitted in conversation celebrity flash a. The personal trainer Mo probably felt the same way: He would have even rejected the rose!

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Dennis Felber and Sharon Battiste on “The Bachelorette”

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Bachelorette Sharon Battiste in July 2021
Mo, contestant on “The Bachelorette” 2022

Were you surprised that Dennis and Mo had to leave in the first episode?

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