Miyabi Kawai: Miyabi Kawai reveals which look suits her more

The celebrity looks of the day in the GALA ticker: Miyabi Kawai proves: She can be both sexy and functional +++ Sarah Connor rings in the Christmas season in a red sequined dress.

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November 22, 2022

Swimsuit vs. winter jacket: Miyabi Kawai looks great in both

Who would have thought it, Miyabi Kawai, 48, shows herself in a super tight swimsuit on Instagram in the middle of November, causing her fans to gasp. The designer is not exactly on vacation, as the picture suggests, but rather posts a throwback picture with a message. Because the 48-year-old had previously stormed against winter in her Instagram story and received a lot of messages for it. In a comparison picture that shows her once in a sexy swimsuit and once in a thick winter jacket, she now makes it clear: “I can do both”. Although winter is not her favorite time, she can still get something out of the cuddly time. In the further text, however, she makes it clear: “I am and will remain a summer child, I prefer to sweat than to freeze, I prefer to wear a bikini than a down coat and I need LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT!!!”

Miyabi not only likes herself better in a swimsuit, her fans also like the summery look better. A user writes: “You look beautiful in the swimsuit. I can understand that you are a summer child.” Another commented: “Sexyyy”.

November 21, 2022

Sarah Connor in sexy red sequin mini dress

It’s still a few weeks until Christmas, but with her new song “Not so silent Night” Sarah Connor, 42, exudes the first Christmas vibes. But they are – as the name of the song suggests – not contemplative at all. Rather, they rock, wild and pretty sexy. In the video for the song, Sarah Connor presents a Christmas day with the family, and it goes haywire.

The singer stands out in a red sequined mini dress with accentuated shoulders. Sarah presents her sexy Santa look! The dress is ultra short and has a deep neckline, looks quite festive, but not at all “quiet” or even “holy”, as the Christmas carol “Silent Night, Holy Night” says.

Sarah in hot Santa style

Sarah in hot Santa style

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The singer’s fans love this “restless” night. They give the corresponding Instagram post thousands of likes and express their enthusiasm in the comment column.

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