Misunderstanding in the town because of the waste calendar: “We put our waste in the street but it is still there” (photo)

The situation is quite surprising, not to say totally incredible. In this town of Hasselt, many residents took out their papers and boxes on their sidewalk last Wednesday after consulting the brochure of the waste collection calendar. Problem: the collection for this type of waste was not planned … until January 27. Or three weeks later.

“We have consulted the paper version of the waste calendar, and it is not very clear,” says a resident of Belang van Limburg. Blame it on a city divided into two zones. “In zone A, the paper is collected every Wednesday. But we don’t really know what area we live in exactly. So on Tuesday evening, we took our waste paper out into the street, like many other residents. But today, they are still there. “

The municipality recognizes that the distributed brochure lacks clarity. What is more, there had already been a problem last week with a subcontractor who had forgotten to carry out his collection round. “But this problem is solved today. Admittedly, the brochure is not very clear, but online everyone can see clearly when everything will be collected. It is stated that Thursday January 27 is the first day of collecting paper. The weekly collection of paper and cardboard is only planned in the shopping area, so inside the city, ”assures city councilor Laurence Libert.

But while the papers and cardboard taken out in advance are soaked and fly all over the neighborhoods, the town has decided to send a team tomorrow to collect the waste that is on the sidewalks. First and last time.

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