Mission Impossible: the reason the movie ran out of a star in its cast

Between fans, the box office and specialized sites such as Rotten Tomatoes there is coincidence: the sixth film of Mission Impossible, subtitled Fallout, is one of the best productions of the saga. It grossed $ 791 million and is the highest-grossing film in franchise history. The villain was played by Henry Cavill, who infiltrated as a CIA agent named August Walker but his true identity was John Lark.

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One of the most remembered sequences of Mission Impossible: Fallout It was the fight in which Cavill and Tom Cruise they brutally confronted a man in a Paris bathroom. It was believed that this person could be involved in the sale of plutonium and his fate ended up being fatal. This sequence was near the beginning of the film, when the character of Cavill he had not yet revealed his true identity.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director Christopher McQuarrie revealed that the original plans included the participation of a different actor than the one seen in the bathroom scene. Liang YangIt was a stunt double used to fighting scenes who took the place of the plutonium seller. Although the director did not give names, he explained the reasons behind the change.

Apparently, the actor who had been invited was as well known as Tom Cruise O Henry Cavill. However, at the time of carrying out the different martial arts shots, he could not keep up with his colleagues and had to step aside. According McQuarrieThe idea was for the viewer to see a famous face and connect immediately, and then go into shock when they found out that he lost his life in just a few seconds.

The future of Mission Impossible

As is known, the saga that was born from the hand of Tom Cruise in 1996 he still has not one but two movies on the way. The pandemic forced the launch to be rescheduled and the first of the two, whose title has not yet been revealed, will only be seen in September of next year. It will have in its cast with Cruise, Vanessa Kirby and Rebeca Ferguson, among the main names.

The film will feature scenes highly anticipated by fans due to the images that went viral. First, we must talk about the sequence in which Ethan Hunt jump on a motorcycle into the void and then release a parachute, which was seen in all the networks. But there will also be a sequence on a train that could be a tribute to the first film, which was released because Cruise saved the life of a cameraman who slipped and nearly fell from the moving car.

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