Missing cat is found near previous house… 450 kilometers away

Animals have a built-in GPS, there is no other way. At least that’s what the story of the French cat Cocci would lead you to believe. The animal ran away from her new home after a move, and was found 450 kilometers away… barely 10 kilometers from her previous home.

Source: Camera One

The De Amicis family moved to Ginai in Normania in August 2021. Shortly afterwards their cat disappeared: the ten-year-old cat Cocci. The cat was not found, and the family resigned themselves to never seeing Cocci again.

But that was without counting the mother of the family, she kept looking. A year later, she sees a picture of a neglected cat on a platform specialized in tracing missing pets and immediately thinks of Cocci. “The picture didn’t look like her, but deep down I was sure it was her,” she says. The kitten was very emaciated and, above all, was several hundred kilometers from Normandy.

As it turned out, Cocci decided just a few days after moving to Normandy to go back to her “real” home. Finally, after a journey of more than 450 kilometers, she stranded barely ten kilometers from the previous home of the De Amicis family. After a few usual checkups at the vet and many tears of joy, all turned out well for Cocci. Hopefully the cat will now enjoy the warmth of her Norman home.

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