Miss Universe: Internet users revolted against Miss Morocco … This huge controversy that has just erupted on the web!

On December 12 in Eilat (Israel) the next edition of Miss Universe will take place. Among all the pretty young women who will try to succeed Miss Mexico alias Andrea Meza, is Kawtar Benhalima. The lovely brunette will represent Morocco. The latter was not to participate in the competition since she finished first runner-up in the beauty election on November 6. But ultimately, she will replace Fatima-Zahra Khayat, who injured her ankle.

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Good news for the beautiful 22-year-old, a graduate in business management, but which does not satisfy some Internet users, who still remember the speech given by Kawtar Benhalima during the final of the election of Miss Morocco.

She had spoken about her origins and the story of her grandmother who had fled Algeria during the war. “My grandmother moved to Morocco with little means in the company of her siblings. She grew up in a family where she learned to sew. Over time, she used that as a quality to help women in Morocco to build their independence “, she had shared.

“And Miss Morocco is Algerian … Go figure …”, “Symbolically a Moroccan miss with 25% Algerian blood does not work”, “Ptdrrrr wait, so there the miss from Morocco she’s an Algerian, IT’S INCREDIBLE “, could we in the user comments of Twitter who criticized her for not being a pure Moroccan.

Note that after a long period of absence of more than 40 years, Morocco will make its return to Miss Universe. Kawtar Benhalima will therefore be in competition with the French representative, namely Clémence Botino.

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