"Miss France 2023" : big clash between Alexia Laroche-Joubert and Sylvie Tellier!

The setting was elegant, soft and sweet… like macaroons! The appointment, fixed at Ladurée, on the Champs-Elysées, this Friday, November 18, however turned to the creping of chignon… or rather of scarves! Invited to the next evening crowning Miss France 2023 which will take place on TF1 on December 17, journalists were able to witness a funny pass of arms between Sylvie Tellier, who will officially and definitively give up her place. as general manager after the election, and Alexia Laroche-Joubert, new president of the Miss France Society. A colleague dares to ask the question: “Let’s break the abscess: are you angry?” Smiling response from the 2002 ex-Beauty Queen: “I have a 9 mm under the table” before diplomatically admitting that everything was fine between them… Atmosphere! Then to add: “I made the choice to leave the organization. I am delighted that Alexia is returning to my duties. I will remain Miss France all my life.” But here comes the breaking point… precisely when Alexia Laroche-Joubert begins to explain that Sylvie Tellier did not “work on the production of the show but on the Miss France contest”.

“There you have offended me!”
Ulcerated by these remarks, the latter immediately replies: “Excuse me?! I can’t let you say that. I was the general manager and worked on the show for 17 years. There you upset me… I have a lot of consideration for you but you also have to have some respect for the work that has been done for 17 years”.Then, a new rise in the tension between the two women when Sylvie Tellier begins to declare that “the Misses don’t belong to anyone”. Immediate response from the president: “You mean you’re not mine?!”, grabbing her by the arm. Little moment of embarrassment. The former Miss remains silent! “Oh la la, sorry, I’m kidding”, then tries to joke the producer. But Sylvie Tellier does not intend to be silent and declares that she is very opposed, in view of the new rules of the competition, to the candidacy of married women with children. According to her, “it is not compatible with the status of Miss”. Then does not hesitate to correct his interlocutor by specifying to him that it was better, on the subject of trans people, to speak of “change of marital status” rather than “change of sex”. No need to imagine Alexia Laroche-Joubert not replying with an ironic: “Thank you Sylvie, it’s so nice of you to take the thing back.” A few examples, if any, that these two strong women definitely couldn’t work together…

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