Miss France 2022: Age, height, weight … "formal settlement" to become Miss

It is one of the most anticipated events of the year. On December 11 in Caen, Normandy, will take place the 101st Miss France election. Amandine Petit will thus have to give her crown and her scarf to the one who will be elected that evening. They are 29 to claim the title, originating from all parts of the country. The public can already engage in predictions by discovering their official photos, in dress and swimsuits. He can also measure himself against them by taking the traditional test of general knowledge. 40 questions for all candidates.

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The same goes for the criteria to which they submitted as soon as they entered the competition. “Barely of age, just vaccinated, these young women are emerging from adolescence. (…) In recent years, the average age of female candidates has tended to increase. This year, seven of them are 24, which in Miss age represents middle age. After 25 years, no longer a question of competing. The regulations are formal. It is also on other points. “

“Prohibition, for example, to be pierced or tattooed (the organization has recently tolerated inconspicuous tattoos, the size of which is less than three centimeters). he is also forbidding girls to smoke in public, to be married or to have children“, remind our colleagues from Paris Match in their last issue published this Thursday, November 25, 2021. A regulation that is often criticized and which has resulted in the committee receiving a complaint from a feminist association until recently.

However, changes were made this year. “The minimum height requirement has been lowered to 1.70 meters (without heels), down from 1.72 meters a few years ago. No requirement, however, as to the weight“, we learn.”As long as I’m here, we won’t weigh the candidates“, assured Sylvie Tellier.

If, therefore, all the contestants have to abide by the rules of the Miss France committee, it does not prevent them from unique personalities and very different profiles.The 2022 class includes dancers, doctors, dentists, an airplane pilot, a flight attendant, a real estate agent …“, we read in the magazine.”Gone are the days of the Miss who want to save the world and treat animals, especially their cats“, even dropped Jean-Pierre Foucault during the press conference.

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