Miss Butt’s first transsexual: “They ask me to have sex reassignment surgery”

One of the highlights of new edition of Miss Buttthe fitness athlete and nutrition student Thaynna Dantas made history by becoming the first trans woman to participate in the contest.

in conversation with the CENAPOPthe model 一 who represents the State of Rio Grande do Norte in the competition 一 said that she considers it “a victory” to participate in an event where all women are beautiful:

“I am happy to make people understand that this inclusion is necessary, and when it comes to an event that only has beautiful women, it is very important for me to be among these women. It’s a win for me and the LGBTQIAPN+ community. I just want to show my potential and the warrior woman I have become”, she revealed, who usually receives a lot of praise every time she shows off her curves on social media.

The reception of fans and admirers on social networks, according to her, was the best possible: “They were very happy [ao saber que ela iria participar do Miss Bumbum] and they encouraged me a lot to participate. I love my fans,” she declared.

sex change surgery

With an indisputable femininity and a body full of curves, Thaynna said that she is not operated on and that a portion of people cannot understand her philosophy of life and pressure her to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

“I get unhappy comments from people who think they can ask about genitalia or even give opinions on the subject. I accept myself and I know who I am. When someone asks this kind of question of a totally deconstructed trans woman like me, I tend to answer calmly because maturity has taught me that,” she explained.

The subject, however, is something that makes her uncomfortable:

“It’s a question that makes you uncomfortable. Even because an organ will never completely define a woman. If a CIS woman (who was biologically born female and identifies as one) cannot reproduce or menstruate, she will never cease to be a woman. When a trans woman is totally deconstructed like me, sex will never define! Who accompanies me and who loves me, accepts me as I am. I’m a mix of temptations. tasted? Gamou!”, she joked.

In preparation for the contest, Thaynna said she lost weight and also measures:

“I lost 10 kilos in a short period of 45 days for the contest. My glutes also shrunk. It’s part of the process when you have to hit a weight. I lost a lot of fat. I had 115cm of glutes and now I am 112cm pert and rounder,” she continued.

The model explained that she continues to train to show off her best physique at the Miss Butt final in August:

“I do not see [as outras candidatas] as strong competitors. I think all the participants are beautiful and it’s obvious that we all want the prize. But, for me, everything is on the merits and permission of God. And I’ve already given everything into his hands. And he knows what’s best for me always. I prepare myself because I am a bodybuilding athlete. I’m a pioneer in this sport, and today I’m doing an incredible job to arrive with a beautiful, symmetrical shape, and obviously, with a huge hustle”, he added.

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