Miss Bumbum truck driver vents when talking about prejudice: “Clothes without cleavage and men’s bathroom”

the trucker Juli Figueirówhich represents Rio Grande do Sul in the new edition of the contestsaid that he was always the target of prejudice in the profession for being a woman and driving a truck.

When talking about the subject, she explained that her skills were put to the test and that her attire was a source of discomfort and a target of criticism:

“Whenever I arrived at a company to load or unload the truck, someone would come to look at my clothes and if I had a cleavage, they would ask me to change or it would not be possible to do my work”, said she, who posed in a bikini at a gas station. gasoline to promote your participation in the contest.

Juli Figueiró added: “When I was going to make a beacon with the truck, I would gather a group of men to laugh and they kept saying that I wouldn’t make it”, he continued.

Due to the heat of the road, the influencer said that she wore a tank top, but that the costume was not accepted in many companies:

“They asked me to change my clothes, or I wouldn’t even be able to enter the company to load or unload the truck. Once I almost fainted from the heat, because I had to wear a sweater, in a very strong sun”, he said, noting that men usually drive without a shirt.

The use of toilets dedicated to truck drivers at bus stops is also a point that bothers Juli:

“Trucks take a shower at a gas station, it was very rare to have a women’s bathroom. I was obliged to enter the masculine. I felt threatened, but I had to be firm, if I showed fear, some kind of harassment could happen, but thank God it never occurred to me”, he added.

Exclusively to CENAPOPshe explained that performing tasks where men are the majority has never been a problem: “I joke that I like everything they say women can’t do”, she argued.

She added: “I suffer attacks [nas redes sociais] of other women who think it’s absurd for a woman to be sensual and work with a truck”, she lamented.

The truck driver is the second most voted in the popular vote phase. As in previous years, the 15 candidates with the most votes will qualify for the final, which will take place in August, in São Paulo. The winner takes the track with the most beautiful butt in the country and a prize of R$ 50 thousand reais in advertising contracts.

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