"Miss buffoon", "How much is she paid to say that?", "Be beautiful and shut your mouth", Diane Leyre (Miss France 2022) Shattered after her opinion on the vaccination of children!

Miss France 2022 was a guest of Sud Radio a few days ago. The opportunity to discuss his desires after his reign but also the pandemic.

Moreover, one of the questions asked on the set made the beautiful uncomfortable. “Would you have voted for the vaccination pass if you were a deputy?”Gilles Ganzmann asked him. “Oh no, I’m not giving you my opinion, I’m not getting involved in all of this”, immediately declared the principal interested, embarrassed.

And while the Sud Radio team insisted, the Miss finally gave in: “I have the view that you have to be careful, there were a lot of deaths and that is not nothing, we cannot deny it. We must protect ourselves more than ever because we have seen that the number of cases increased during the holidays. It is important to protect our parents, our grandparents “.

Diane Leyre was in favor of the vaccination of children and thus caused an uproar on social networks where her statement was broadcast by the famous radio station.

“She recites her text perfectly”, “Thank the children? Really … the poor suffer from our ignorance!”, “If she hadn’t talked about children it would have been over, but no! Children are the red line! , that’s enough! “,” She better take care of something else … Apparently she forgot the motto of France “,” Good ok! Be beautiful and shut up! “,” No, but MDR frankly What the loop. That she continues to talk about saving the world, eradicating the famine and that she makes her movies on the TV sets… but buckle it “,” I’m hallucinating !!!! She must remain neutral in relation to this question !!! “,” Lamentable “,” Miss buffoon yes “,” Do not ask this kind of question to a person who was completely anonymous a few weeks ago. Why ask him to position himself on a subject if sensitive knowing that she has no legitimacy? “,” So @dianeleyreoff should the children be vaccinated? I heard the ?? !! Go look at the side effects of the vaccination n in children before saying anything “, can we read here and there in comments, on Instagram.

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