Misdirection Borsellino, sentenced for the three former policemen of the massacre pool: 11 years and 10 months for Bo, 9 and a half years for Mattei and Ribaudo

The prosecutor of Caltanissetta Salvatore De Luca and the substitute Stefano Luciani they asked for a sentence of 11 years and 10 months in prison for Mario Bo and at 9 years and 6 months each for Fabrizio Mattei And Michele Ribaudo, the three policemen accused of slander (aggravated by having favored the Cosa Nostra) in the trial on the misdirection of the investigation into the Via D’Amelio massacre. The three former members of the “Falcone-Borsellino” investigative pool, directed by the commissioner Arnaldo La Barbera died in 2002, they are accused of indoctrinating the false repentant Vincenzo Scarantino, inducing him – with threats, psychological pressure and mistreatment – to declare falsehood in order to mislead the investigations. Based on the declarations of Scarantino (defined as “a castle of lies”) and the other two false collaborators of justice Salvatore Candura and Francesca Andriotta, several innocents were sentenced to life imprisonment. “This process puts us in line with the Borsellino quater trial which resigned us a truth, namely that those sentences were imposed on the basis of manipulated evidence“, Said the prosecutor Luciani. For all three defendants, the prosecution also asked for a ban from public office for the duration of the sentence.

Some of the misdirections reconstructed in the trial “cannot in any way, except by denying their existence, ascribe to career reasons of Dr. La Barbera or to an incredible excess of zeal to give an immediate response from the state to the massacres ”, said the chief prosecutor, speaking in the courtroom on the last day of the indictment to introduce the requests for sentence. “There was a fiduciary nature in the relationship between the three defendants and Arnaldo La Barbera, which makes concrete the hypothesis that they had the real representation of the underlying purposes of the conducts put in place ”, the prosecutor Luciani reconstructed. “The three defendants – he added – have allowed that for years the oblivion fell on this whole affair. In this trial there were witnesses called by the Prosecutor’s Office, belonging to the investigation group on the Falcone and Borsellino massacres, who did not honor the uniform they wore: they turned into defense texts in a rough way. I hope that these behaviors are reported to those in charge ”, he attacked. And he concluded: “It was hard and tiring work, but we think we have given you at least a trace that can help you finally shed some light. This is one of the last beaches with respect to which it is possible to continue to shed light on such serious facts that have marked the history of this country “.

“Arnaldo La Barbera, who was the one who sidetracked the investigations with statements from false collaborators, was also the one who denied existence of the red agenda which he was asked to account for in the immediacy of the facts “, recalled the prosecutor. “An important evidence – he recalled – comes from the deposition made in this trial, and in the” Borsellino quater “, by Dr. Lucia Borsellino (the daughter of the slain judge, ed). It says in summary that a few months after the massacre La Barbera went to Mrs. Agnese Piraino (Borsellino’s wife, ed) to deliver her husband’s purse. It was Lucia Borsellino who realized that the red diary was missing and asked Dr. La Barbera for explanations, who closed the speech by saying that there was no no red agenda to be returned. At that point, annoyed by this attitude, Lucia left the room slamming the door and La Barbera told Signora Piraino that the girl he needed psychological support because he was delirious “.

“The disappearance of the red agenda, if there has been a disappearance, was not of interest to the Cosa Nostra but to be linked to extraneous interests“, Claimed the prosecutor. Who then focused on the revelations made by Borsellino to his wife during the last “hectic period of life”: “Mrs. Agnese – he said – remembered that her husband told her verbatim that there was a interview between the mafia And unfaithful parts of the state and that there was contiguity between the mafia and pieces of the state interested in its elimination. Borsellino, again according to what his wife said, in that period always closed the shutters of the house fearing to be seen from Castel Utveggio. which at that time was the symbol of the presence of deviated apparatus of the state. And again Mrs. Agnese declared that during a walk Paolo Borsellino told her that it would not be the mafia to kill him, but the same colleagues and others who would have allowed it to be eliminated ”. The trial was postponed until next Tuesday when the defenders of the civil party will speak.

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