Mirtha Legrand ruled out an idea from Nacho Viale: "i don’t go to youtube"

Since a time ago, Mirtha Legrand it’s not on tv. During the pandemic it was Juana Viale, her granddaughter, who was replacing her. Nevertheless, the diva of the small screen is still without an agreement to return to her emblematic program.

like the grandmother of Nacho Viale still without a contractthe drivers of “The Run Run of the Show” They assured that from Chronicle HD they would make a place for it to the actress so that she returns with her recognized format. Even though she was never on screen, this could be a fresh start.

Likewise, Lio Pecoraro said: “Mirtha Legrand has a negotiation preference with Artear, that is, with Channel 13. And I asked Mirtha what is preventing her from returning to television and she told me: ‘It’s an economic issue.”

Despite the monetary issue handled by both parties, The well-known driver received the call from Adrián Suar to reach an agreement, but nothing is confirmed yet. Also, The drivers of “The Run Run of the Show” by Chronicle HD said that Mirtha Legrand could go via YouTube since that’s what his producer had said, Nacho Viale.

Mirtha Legrand with Nacho Viale, her grandson and producer.

In the meantime, Mirtha Legrand he told Lio Pecoraro that “I don’t know where Nacho got that from because I don’t go to YouTube.”

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