Miro revealed himself as a Rhino

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14 November 2021, 16:00

Even before he had to take off his mask, Miro revealed himself as a Rhino in the Nova TV show “The Masked Singer”. In the last episode of the show broadcast so far, the musician did not bother to hide his voice or evasively answer the questions asked by the hosts. For all viewers, there is no longer any doubt that he is the Rhinoceros.During his last appearance on the stage of “The Masked Singer”, Miro sang the latest song of his colleague Dara. He had met with her a few days before, and most likely the purpose of the meeting was related to this performance. The two musicians posted their joint photo and many people decided that they were probably preparing their joint project. But after the broadcast of “The Masked Singer” on November 6, it became clear that Miro was actually preparing to sing Dara’s song. For the first time since the show began, he didn’t try to change his voice, which is so distinctive that there is no doubt who is hiding in the Rhino costume.Besides, the evidence in his business card is so eloquent, that they can hardly relate to another performer. They state that the height of the Rhino is 180 centimeters – a height that coincides with the height of the singer. It is described that the participant had a “huge body mass”, but did not like the large size and, since the body is a temple of the soul, at the cost of many deprivations took care of his temple. It is known that Miro had a long period in which he was overweight, but about a year ago he went on a strict diet combined with heavy training, and sculpted a body of envy. It was his narrow hips that were the first to be recognized by the “detective” in the show Alex Raeva.Another clue that coincides with the singer’s biography, is that he grew up by the sea – the musician is from Dobrich. The business cards talk about the “goldfish”, and Miro is a Pisces zodiac sign. There is also talk of his travels around the world and that the Rhino lives “like a resort” – the singer regularly sleeps in hotels, as he is often away from home for business trips or vacations. There are hints even related to Miro’s name – one of the clues says that the Rhino is furious “if someone tries to disturb his peace”. There is also talk of parties, “nice songs and wonderful melodies” with which he lives. It is not clear only how the comparison with living legends is positioned, which from the first live leads people to the idea that the Rhinoceros is a star from Niki Iliev’s film “Living Legends”. Gold is often mentioned in business cards – at the age of 16 Miro participated in the “Golden Orpheus” and has an award from the festival.Apparently, after all this evidence, the star no longer considers it necessary to hide. In the last episode of the show, he sang Dara’s song in his own voice, which finally dispelled all suspicions that the Rhinoceros could be someone else. The participant answered the questions of the presenters very specifically. Asked if he had participated in the show “Like two drops of water”, he answered succinctly with “Yes”. Miro was in the fifth season of “Drops”. Asked if he had hosted a TV show, Rhino said it was not his main occupation. Miro currently hosts “Bulgaria’s Favorites” on BNT, and years ago he was the face of “Really Love” on BTV, but his main occupation is music, not television.It is possible that this unexpected frankness was provoked by the previous live of the show. Then another participant – the Stone, revealed that the Rhino is Miro, allowing himself to rudely insult the singer. He said that “the show that the Rhino is on BNT is very stupid.” The Stone is believed to be Crisco, and there is an old feud between him and Miro, probably because of a more intimate relationship in the past.


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