Mirella shares a video of an intimate conversation between Sthe and Dynho, and vents on the web. Look!

Mirella vented about the relationship between her husband, Dynho Alves, and the influencer Sthe Matos in “A Fazenda”. On your Twitter this Saturday (20th), she rebutted the criticism she had been suffering and showed the document of the divorce request, filed by the singer this week. “I’m getting fed up with seeing people defending! I wanted to see if I was married and so inside. How many times would they have canceled me?”, asked the funk girl.

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“Bad woke up attacked. Put me in a single reality show now to see the damage I do. Viveeeeer baby, I only learned one thing: don’t stop living for the sake of others, it’s uncertain if they would do for you, what you do for others,” commented Mirella.

She even made an unusual request to the “Sterellas”, her fans with Stefani Bays: asked them not to eliminate Dynho Alves – who saved Dayane from this week’s farm. “I have a lot of things to sort out yet. It will delay me horrors. But God knows everything! Guys, I never ordered anything, so please let me know if this week goes bad! Vote for him to stay, because if he leaves I’m going to mess around out here!”, she asked. “Give him a rope that hangs himself,” he continued. Recently, Dynho showed fear of disputing his stay in the house.

Mirella shares Sthe Matos and Dynho Alves intimate conversation video

The singer retweeted a video in which, during the party this Friday (19), Sthe Matos tells Dynho Alves about an experience, according to netizens, sexual – a subject that has already been debated among pedestrians. “Are you going to tell Mirella?” asks the influencer. “I’m going to talk to her because now the thing is like… Send me to the farm soon, I want to leave soon. I’ll tell her: ‘Teté told me something there that I was interested in,'” says the dancer. “Do you know anyone who does it like that…?” Sthe asks, while Dynho shakes his head. “You were the first,” he says.

“We live a lot in our own little place… We’ve already talked about it, ‘I don’t know what’, but never… right,” he explained. “Do you know how we started? When we went, we started talking…”, Sthe said, whispering in Mirella’s husband’s ear. When sharing the video, the funkeira made a request: “Guys, stop marking me because I don’t care anymore”.

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