Mireille Dumas and her husband lived apart "sometimes" : rare confidences on his couple

She doesn’t run in the evenings people, does not insist on wanting a piece of the air at all costs and distributes confidences in a dropper. A discretion that seems to please the general public, the host Mireille Dumas having a great popularity for years. In Gala, however, this is an opportunity to learn a little more about her.

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Now 68, the one viewers followed assiduously when she was at the helm of the show Private life, public life, has therefore delivered some personal anecdotes, in particular on the couple she forms with Dominique Colonna, her husband. A story that began in 1974! “I was 21 years old. We started by working together, then, from 1989, I made my documentary films on my own. I needed to decline my own universe. Later when I found myself on the air with Take off the masks and other shows [elle n’a pas laissé que des bons souvenirs à tout le monde, Michel Malaussena peut en témoigner, NDLR], Dominique has often been the director“, she says.

Mireille Dumas and Dominique have since lived a relationship not always “linear“Besides, she does not hide that they have not been a traditional couple in every way.”I find it hard to say ‘my husband’ when I speak of Dominique, I always say: ‘My traveling companion’. At times, we each lived in an apartment. We’ve been living together for twenty years“, she specifies. Making separate apartments, for example this was also the case for a long time with François Hardy and Jacques Dutronc … A recipe that works to make the couple last?

With her husband, Mireille Dumas never had a child, a choice on her part. They therefore had a lot of time to bring their story to life, but being careful not to tire of this life together. “An alchemy between us made things possible, without suffocating us (…) If we had done everything together, I think we would have separated. In fact, Dominique and I invented our couple and declined it in different forms“, she adds.

Gala, edition of November 18, 2021.

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