MIRAI after a wheelchair collapse?

Two minutes in a barrel in ice water is a traditional morning ritual. Hardening makes a guy! Last year, he went to the rough B7 race, which is a 101-kilometer run over seven Beskydy peaks. He arrived in 31 hours, missed the start of the concert, but eventually played it. In a wheelchair …

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Mirai saves unfinished songs directly under the name “hit”

“It came to me as a good idea at first, but I stumbled from the third hill, my left hamstring (muscle stabilizing knee – note) and I was already on ibalgins from the seventieth kilometer,” says the frontman of the band Mirai. men. Along the way, enthusiastic fans around his track released his hit “If you can’t, then add”. He’d heard it a hundred times, then he didn’t notice. “But when the racers who overtook me hummed, it already hurt,” admitted Lucia Výborné in an interview on Radiožurnál.

“And when they took me in a wheelchair to a concert, the technician ran over the cable and tipped me over. I couldn’t get up from the ground, I really couldn’t. “ However, he enjoyed the race, but there will probably be no recurrence. Emotionally amazing, physically destructive. “It simply came to our notice then. But it came to me as a good idea, because I am from Frýdek-Místek, which is the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains. By the way, there are nine of those hills, seven of them meet a certain height, that’s why it’s called seven. ”His dance partner Lenka Nora Návorková (30) claims that he is a dragon, how hard he trains. Three years ago, she won StarDance with Jiří Dvořák, now she has caught another fierce fighter. “We trained all the time, but we spent a lot of time, coffee, cakes, so we reserved less training,” explains Mirai. In addition, his hips and knees ached, he wanted to give them peace. “I don’t have them genetically good, I have joint insufficiency. Beskydy, that’s good, but dance rehearsals, it’s worse. Lenička stirred me, but I have to rest, “admitted Lucia Výborná.

The winning band of the year Mirai: I’m scared, I couldn’t take it, says Navrátil

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