“Miracle Doctor”: the surprise Ali gave Nazly on her wedding day

The soap opera “miracle doctor” is a Turkish production that has managed to become one of the most acclaimed by the public in different countries of the world, due to the great reception that the story of the doctor Ali Vefa, who suffers from the sage syndrome, has had. Despite this, the doctor will find love with his co-worker, Nazli.

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In Turkey, “miracle doctor” (”Miracle Doctor”, in its original language), was released on September 12, 2019 and has 64 episodes of 130 minutes each. Its great success has reached countries such as Spain, the United States, Argentina, Peru, among others.

The soap opera “miracle doctor” is based on “Good Doctor, the South Korean series that appeared in 2014 and has had its best-known adaptation in the American one”The Good Doctor”.

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Doctor miracle” stars the actor Taner Ölmez, who plays Ali Vefa, in addition to Sinem Unsal, In the role of Nazli, Y Onur Tuna who embodies Ferman.

Doctor Miracle is one of the most successful Turkish soap operas in several countries. (Photo: MF Yapim)

The excitement of the fans of “miracle doctor” arrived when Ali Vefa manages to conquer the heart of Nazli and thus a beautiful sentimental relationship is born between the two. This reaches such a point that the doctors decide to prepare everything for their wedding.


But he is very worried about Mehmet’s case. This case has helped him to realize how important it is to assume the role of father. This was a signal for the doctor to make a decision to marry his girlfriend, Nazly.

“Doctor Miracle” is an adaptation of the Korean series “Good Doctor” (Photo: Mucize Doktor Fox / Instagram)


Before the ceremony takes place Ali takes a while to get to the place and everyone believes that the doctor would not arrive. This worries everyone and Ferman is forced to tell Nazli that Vefa might not make it to the wedding.

This causes great sadness Nazli who runs out of the place; however, at the door of the premises he meets But who apologizes for being late. The doctor will surprise who will become his wife.

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Ali Vefa arrives with Nazli's father.  (Photo: screenshot / Fox)
Ali Vefa arrives with Nazli’s father. (Photo: screenshot / Fox)

Ali comments a Nazli that he invited his mother to the wedding but she didn’t want to go. The great surprise was that the doctor brought the girl’s father whom he had not seen for a long time.

The doctor went to look for the man to be with his daughter on the most important day of her life. Nazli bursts into tears of emotion.

Then, But Y Nazli they get married and, furthermore, Vuslat manages to grab the bride’s bouquet.

Nazli and her father are very excited.  (Photo: screenshot / Fox)
Nazli and her father are very excited. (Photo: screenshot / Fox)


Doctor Miracle” tells the story of But Vefa, a young man with an autism spectrum disorder and Savant syndrome, who becomes a pediatric surgical genius.

As a child, Ali was abandoned by his father who gave him up for adoption. He grew up deprived through various orphanages, but despite the difficulties he graduated from medical school with first place and got a job in the surgical unit at the Istanbul Berhayat Hospital.

The medical team will see their routine altered when the young man joins the team as a surgical assistant. Savant syndrome or sage syndrome is something that will initially make it difficult for Ali to communicate with his colleagues and patients.

Despite the prejudices that accompany him throughout his life, Ali will earn the love and respect of all. In addition, he will fight to fulfill his dream and find the family he always dreamed of.

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