Mion takes his daughter to New York after being convinced by a slideshow

Marcos Mion is on a lightning trip in New York with her daughter Donatella, 13 years old, of his relationship with his wife, Suzanna gullo. the presenter of Globe he stated on his social networks that he agreed to take the tour with the teenager after she prepared a slideshow to convince him.

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“This girl gave me a ‘qualé’ over the weekend, saying that we had never taken a trip alone, just the two of us, only one when she was very young to Disney and I was in Miami,” he began on Instagram .

She made a very good point, that at age 14, next year, she is no longer a child and I will officially never have traveled with her child. So we go to New York. Did a slideshow,

the commander of the “Cauldron” shared this Thursday (11/18) some records of the two at the airport, while they prepared for the trip. At one point, Donatella said she would get on the plane on the right foot — just as Mion always does, as a superstition.

Mion also showed the moment of takeoff, when he held his daughter’s hand. Shortly thereafter, the two showed up in New York on tours of the city.

In addition to Donatella, Mion and Suzana are also parents of Stefano and Romeo, her firstborn, who has an autism spectrum. In October, Mion reflected on the family while participating in the “More you”.

“We decided to get married in three months. In those three months, we got pregnant with Romeo. At that point in my life, I thought my life was very perfect. I was very successful, I was married and would have a child. When Romeo was born, I discovered that my life was not perfect. , she would still become perfect,” he reported to Ana Maria Braga.

“Without Romeo, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I wouldn’t have traced the halfway path I traced. I have to be the best version of myself for Romeo,” he assured.

With my other two children, I talk as an equal. When I talk to Romeo, I have to lift my soul. Autistic people are very pure. It is the greatest love in the world and it is a privilege to live with a child within this spectrum. When he was younger, he was watching a looping video over and over again and he wanted to show me.

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He went on: “I asked for a moment and he asked me, ‘Dad, don’t you love me anymore?’ that are not worth it and I focused on the relationships that are, the human relationships. There are ministers who say that neurodiverse people should not go to school because they are in the way. I say they are not in the way. My son and children like him only teach.”

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