Minister Válk’s plan with additional health care insurance is expected to bring in several billions

The introduction of additional insurance has the current government in its program statement. Minister for Health Vlastimil Válek (62, TOP 09) has now reopened this topic and stated that voluntary additional insurance could bring in billions of extra crowns. According to the spokesperson of the department Ondřej Jakob, the implementation of such a mechanism is a question of the following years. “It could be introduced in 2025 or 2026. It would have to be gradual. You could insure yourself for what you are paying for now. For example, at the dentist or a management visit,” said Aha! Jakob.

The question is whether there will be something to choose from when paying extra, as pointed out by people from the field of Aha!. “There aren’t many things you can insure against. Today, you are entitled to almost everything from health insurance companies. The only area where it would make any sense is dental care, as there are quite large co-pays.” says the former head of the Ministry of Health Svatopluk Němeček (50, CSSD). Another ex-minister agrees with additional insurance Roman Prymula (58). “Additional insurance is good, but we have to define very precisely what we want from it, what the above standard should be. Because if I choose a better cast, it’s an absolutely minimal matter.” stated

Government meeting: Minister of Health Vlastimil Válek (16/11/2022)

The head of the Czech Medical Chamber (ČLK) Milan Kubek (54) is critical of the concept of supplementary insurance. “There is nothing to insure. This means that the standard that is covered by public health insurance would first have to be lowered,” he said. He is also concerned that people may not trust that the money paid for additional insurance will be returned to them in the future.

The Prime Minister reassures

The division of health care into standard and above-standard was in the past a hot topic in the Czech Republic, which eventually reached the Constitutional Court. In the case of additional insurance, the Prime Minister Peter Fiala (58, ODS) insists that there will be no differences. “High quality health care will be maintained for all citizens, regardless of their social and economic situation,” he said.

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