Minister Síkela as a tree frog: He praises the temperatures and thriftiness of the Czechs

Specifically, according to Síkela, there are 3.43 billion cubic meters of gas in Czech reservoirs. “The warmer weather still helps us, but a comparison with previous years shows that the decisive influence is the willingness of each of us, for which I thank you. Last week it was only 0.7 degrees warmer than the three-year average, while consumption fell by 26.9%,” Síkela rejoiced on Twitter.

Czechs save even more significantly than the minister could have hoped. While last week he set out to save about 800 million cubic meters of gas between October and next March, households have already saved less than a tenth (approx. 70 million m3 – editor’s note). And that in just one week! “In total, we have saved 312 million cubic meters since the beginning of October,” the minister added. But the next few days will be a test. It is expected to cool down significantly at the weekend and temperatures may drop below 12 degrees at night.

Money for the ceiling

In a state of legislative emergency, deputies approved an energy amendment that introduces mandatory levies on electricity producers from excessive income from its sale. The state promises to collect about 80 billion crowns from this. This money is then supposed to compensate for the capping of high energy prices.

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