Mindy and Larry are madly in love, despite their 30-year gap: the couple will even welcome their first child (video)

Love has no age. No, it’s not just a saying. For many people, this is the reality. This is for example the case of Mindy and Larry, who love each other more than anything despite… 30 years apart. She’s 30, he’s 60. And since they met in 2013, it’s been mad love.

But, in a video posted on the Youtube channel Truly, the couple explains that this difference is not accepted by everyone: “A lot of people gave us their support but we also received a lot of negative remarks. It was a shock. I was not prepared for it but now I have hard skin so everything is fine, ”explained the young woman.

United in the eyes of the law since they got married four years after their meeting, Mindy and Larry will, despite the criticisms, take the next step as they prepare to welcome their first child. A few months ago, following an in vitro fertilization (Larry had already undergone a vasectomy), Mindy is indeed pregnant.

Again, this good news did not have only positive feedback: “The child will no longer have a father in 5 to 10 years” or “He will not know his father for long” were some of the reactions touched the couple.

But that’s not what will discourage the lovebirds. Very popular on the web, they intend to continue to appear on social networks.

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