‘Millionaire’ YouTuber gifts fans dollars for doing pull-ups in Qatar

Since last Sunday, November 20, the entire planet has lived the football festival with the World Cup Qatar 2022but a recognized influencer Mexican traveled to Doha to encourage his team and create content for his social networks as challenges to the fans to do pull-ups, but not for free, because for each one they manage to do correctly, I would give them dollars. The video immediately went viral on TikTok.

Talent is rewarded in dollars

Hot Spanishour protagonist, this time he is in Qatari lands and from the Arab country he has already shared material, but everyone is talking about his most recent video where he approaches complete strangers to offer them one dollar for each pull-up they do in front of you

The first is a local standing in front of a storewho accepts doubtfully, but he only gets 2, so gives him 2 dollars which he receives in disbelief. Then accept a Qatari sitting in a cafe who dials 5, but rejects the 5 dollars.

Then he meets a Mexican who accepts the challenge and, to the surprise of those present, does 52 pull-upsreceives the applause of the people. His partner, with the Argentine shirt, is encouraged and exceeds what was done by his companion getting 56: “for a chela… let’s get alcohol here like hell”says one of the happy boys with the prize.

Watch the viral video here

“The master of pull-ups”

Hot Spanish He explains that he is going to look for people “needy“to whom the money urges, but a couple of cleaners reject his offerthe same of a security guardwho tells him that they are not allowed to be recorded.

After his failed act, he insists with fans, this time from one of the favorite countries to win the World Cup: Brazil, while one only got 5, his friend did 22; but appears on the scene “a master at pull-ups”, who performs tricks with the ball that never touches the ground. As he performs his act, the boy says that he is from Nigeria and you hand over 100 dollars.

The video ends when the influencers meets a boy in the street playing with his dadso he gives him the ball: “is for you”He says Hot Spanishwhile the little one catches the ball with a face full of happiness.

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