Millionaire vacation? Cristina Ferreira shoots: “I didn’t pay anything to be here…”

Cristina Ferreira is burning the “last cartridges” of these vacation days in Mallorca, Spain, where she traveled with her longtime friend Catarina Duarte.

The TVI presenter has shared with her followers the charms (and corners) of the island and on the morning of this Tuesday, June 14, she left a high praise for the hotel where she stayed, “La Residência2, where one night for two people can cost €2,600, as we have told you here.

“When I chose this hotel, I did not imagine that the experience would be so impactful. There is an inexplicable energy and peace. Being welcomed by the Portuguese who work here also helps. Thank you Diogo, Alexandre, Sofia and Iris. There are few places that know the house to us. This is one of them. I leave here homesick. The best reason to come back. ⚓”, could be read in the caption of the publication.

Later, Cristina Ferreira confessed that she was unable to access a “special beach” that was advised to her by Gonçalo Quinaz, and ended up making an “accounts report” shooting: “I didn’t pay anything to be here” can be read in the caption of the publication.

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