MILLI: Who is the rapper who has captured everyone’s attention?

MILLI is the new Thai artist who has earned the love and admiration of millions of people for her talent, idols also named her as one of their favorite rappers, who is she?

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Surely more than one occasion you have heard of NATIONAL, a young woman rapper that little by little is adding millions of streams in their songs, that show the feminine power with catchy mixes and that invite you to dance.

But,who is MILLI? She may become your next favorite Asian star, thanks to her cute looks, but with an energetic presence that hasn’t gone unnoticed by various idols in the world. K-Pop.

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Who is MILLI? Learn more about the history of rapper Danupha Kanateerakul

Danupha Kanateerakul o MILLI is a rapper from Thailand that is sweeping his music everywhere. In 2020 he debuted with the single Phak Kon, later on he released Sud Pang, which generated even more fan attention.

He was born on November 13, 2002 in the city of Bangkok, from school he became interested in rap and followed women who were dedicated to making their own songs, being inspired by their lyrics and artistic creations.

His rise to fame has been very rapid, collaborating with international stars like rapper F.HERO, producer NINO and Changbin by Stray Kids with the theme Mirror Mirror, which already accumulates more than 22 million views on YouTube.

As well as attracting the attention of local and international fans, she has also won the hearts of idols who praised her for her talents and way of expressing with their songs and lyrics, which address issues such as bullying and love.

The rapper MILLI. | Source Twitter @phuckitol

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MILLI is Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and Changbin’s new favorite rapper

MILLI is also a fan of K-Pop, especially she is a declared STAY, because before her debut on stage she was already following the band, so it was quite a surprise when Bang Chan and Changbin expressed their admiration for his abilities.

She was very excited because as a 19-year-old artist thought it impossible to reach her favorite idols, she was so shocked by what happened that she did not know whether to express her emotions in English or Thai:

I cannot explain it in words. Can not.

  • Stray Kids’ Bang Chan talking about MILLI. | Source Instagram @phuckitol

Another artist who fell in love with MILLI’s music was BamBam, who has already joined the list of fans of the singer, so we do not doubt that at a certain point she will prepare a collaboration with one of them. : 0

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