Milla Jasmine cheated on by Lorenzo? Shocking news is falling

Milla Jasmine

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Credits: Instagram @vaarruecos @ tmzfrance7

Milla Jasmine would she have been cheated by her companion Lorenzo? Shocking news has fallen.

Milla Jasmine is in a relationship with Lorenzo. The young man, very much in love, even gave his girlfriend a nice gift. Small problem, he had already done the blow to his ex and the reality TV candidate realized it! On Snapchat, she even said: “I just found out that my guy gave me the same necklace he gave to his ex lol eh well! I knew that men had no inspiration, but not at this point. In short, he better to give me something else and much prettier otherwise I will not fail to offer him the same gifts as in Mujdat “. A tackle that did not go unnoticed … Since then, we have learned that Milla Jasmine could have been cheated by her companion.

The Instagram story of the @vaarruecos account – Credit (s): Instagram @vaarruecos

In his story, the Instagram account @vaarruecos took over the information from @tmzfrance7 and balanced: “Lorenzo has a mistress in Dubai, she is a very luscious bimbo. She is of North African origin, in her twenties, a Moroccan to be more precise. Lorenzo would be completely over her and would even spend his time in to give her luxury gifts, true or false, you don’t know because Lorenzo offers a lot of fake. Bags, shoes, etc. Lorenzo even pays his mistress’s rent! “. Shocking news that agitated the Web. However, they remain to be taken with a grain of salt for now, since nothing has been confirmed..

Milla Jasmine did not react to these shocking revelations

The blogger added a layer of it by writing: “Lorenzo often sees his mistress in secret, which explains why he is rarely with Charlotte (Milla’s real first name is Marie-Charlotte, Editor’s note)”. It remains to be seen if after these big revelations, there will be a reaction from the main stakeholders. Fortunately, Milla Jasmine, who has been angry with her girlfriend Maeva Ghennam since the filming of Marseillais vs the rest of the world 6, is used to dealing with rumors.

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