Milla deceived by Lorenzo? She gives a big rant

Milla Jasmine

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Credit: Instagram @millajasmineoff

While rumors say she was cheated by Lorenzo, Milla Jasmine gave a huge rant.

Lately, Milla Jasmine is at the heart of the news. After receiving a gift from her boyfriend Lorenzo, identical to that of her ex-wife, the young woman was targeted by a rumor of infidelity : “Lorenzo has a mistress in Dubai, she is a very luscious bimbo. She is of North African origin, in her twenties, a Moroccan to be more precise. Lorenzo would be completely over her and would even spend his time in offer him luxury gifts (…) Bags, shoes, etc. Lorenzo even pays his mistress’s rent! “ notably unveiled the blogger Vaarruecos on the networks.

Milla has a rant – Credit (s): Instagram @millajasmineoff

If this information was to be taken with a grain of salt, it is nonetheless plausible. Indeed, deceptions are rife in the small world of reality TV. Paga, Greg Yega, Julien Bert, Illan or even Théo de The Villa of Broken Hearts 5 & 6 are just a few examples of candidates who have committed the irreparable. But then, Milla Jasmine is she really the victim of the same fate? The answer is no if we are to believe his own words on his Instagram account.

Milla sets the record straight

In her stories, the young woman thus pushed a rant and invited those who follow her to stop talking about her couple: “He’s with me 24 hours a day so if he’s cheating on me, it’s probably in his dreams. When I’m at a restaurant with my girlfriends, he’s never far away (…) There are some, they like to dirty people here too much and invent lives (…) The woman he loves and with who he lives is me. On the pretext that I do not snap him, there are those who allow themselves to say that he is never with me but he is with me 24 hours a day, even when I shower he is there “. This could not be clearer.

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