Milena Zárate believes that Melissa Paredes sends hints to Rodrigo Cuba so that they “keep screwing her up”

Milena Zárate It has been one of the harshest criticisms of Melissa Paredes after she was supported by kissing with Anthony Aranda, a fact that caused the end of her marriage with Rodrigo Cuba, and that is why she now questions that the model airs her romance with the dancer.

“Everyone has the right to be happy, if she believes that her happiness is in him … good for her, but It seems very hasty to me to go out to expose herself in that way because their relationship did not start in a beautiful way “he told the Trome newspaper.

“Finally, each one is the owner of his life, he is already old enough to make decisions and see what is good or bad”added. Regarding the hints that the ex-MISS Peru sends to Rodrigo Cuba, her ex-husband and father of her daughter, she indicated that she herself gives rise to criticism for it.

“She asks that one not talk or be morbid, but she is the one who gives rise to saying: ‘Now I’m cooking because I’ve been happy for a month.’ That is like saying that when he was with the other (Cuba) he was not. That implies that everything he sold us about their relationship was a lie “, Indian.

“At the time he said that he (Rodrigo) made her the happiest woman in the world. You do not need to say that you were not happy before and now you are, that gives rise to more people to keep calling her or talking, but I think that is what she is really looking for “, precise.

Finally, about the meeting they starred in this week in “Mujeres Al Mando” he said: “All good with her, she knows how the show is, his theme has been strong enough to pretend to cover the sun with a finger and that people do not comment. With Melissa we are not great friends, but we have a good relationship ”.


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