Mileide Mihaile opines on the controversy of ex-BBB Paulo André with Maíra Cardi: ‘Correct’. Understand!

Mileide Mihaile defended Paulo Andre after controversy with Maíra Cardi. The athlete was called ungrateful by fans of Arthur Aguiar and champion of the “BBB 22” for refusing the gift of the actor’s wife.

Maíra offered to renovate Paulo André’s son’s room in exchange for the good reception the sprinter had with Arthur after the false wall.

For Mileide, Paulo André was coherent. “Guys, I don’t think the PA is ungrateful. I think he, as a father, is doing the right and honorable thing. Have you ever thought about the man swimming, surfing his wave, super financially stable and accepting a whole room for his son Maíra? “, opined the former A Fazenda.

Ex-BBB Gustavo comes out in defense of Paulo André after controversy

Even former BBB Gustavo Marsengo decided to get involved after Paulo André was attacked on social media. “This is a bad joke. Only if it’s “PA ‘Ingato’, beautiful attitude, but that should be done for those who really need it. PA Sensato”, wrote the Bachelor of Laws, citing the hashtag that criticized Paulo André saying he was ungrateful.

Paulo André speaks about rejecting gift from Maira Cardi

After the subject went viral, Paulo André confirmed that he chose not to accept Maíra Cardi’s goodwill. “I thought it was a beautiful action, there are really many children who need it. And that’s why I couldn’t accept it. I joined the BBB to give my family a better life, but thank God there was never anything missing for them or for Peazinho”, he said.

“This room would be valid for someone who can’t afford it, and who really needs it. It would be fairer,” he explained. “I couldn’t accept something knowing that we don’t need it, and that so many families do… Nothing has been talked about with them yet,” she said.

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