Milan, Bocconi students report attacks on Ravizza park. The University ‘escorted’ them to the dormitories

The University Bocconi from Milano has started a service of accompaniment on foot for its students from the university headquarters ai bedroom university and vice versa. This was announced by a post on the student association’s social networks B.lab – Unilab Network in which we read: “Thanks to the work of our representatives, an accompanying service has been activated from the University to the Spadolini, Dubini and Isonzo Residences and vice versa”. The students in fact denounced assaults e pursuits especially in the area of Ravizza park, which separates the campus from the residential area. Aldo Marcello Corigliano, student and group leader of B.lab, the association that applied to the Milanese university, explains to the editorial staff of that “although it was evident that all these episodes of violence were not isolated, no reply came by the the municipality of Milan“. “We then approached the university with a request made by our representative in board of directors, with the support of all our people 21 representatives collegiate “.

The Milanese university denies but the fact that behind this decision there is one question from safety and explains to the editorial staff of that “the service aims to support students attending the university and its library in timetables evening and who wants to favor the socialization and knowledge of the area and spread the culture of mobility sustainable“. “As part of the activities for welcoming, well-being and supporting students strengthened throughout the pandemic, Bocconi has launched, on the occasion of the winter exams session, a experimental service of pedibuses to and from the university residences that are located outside the Campus ”concludes the private university.

The service, whatever the reasons behind its existence, will be put into practice. The accompaniment will be carried out by the university staff and includes some stages towards the residences Spadolini, Depth e Isonzo, from Monday to Saturday from six in the afternoon to midnight and a half, departing every half hour from the red bench located in via Gobbi 5 and arriving at the corner of via Pompeo Leoni and viale Toscana. L’last departure from via Gobbi it will be a half past midnight, while that from Leoni-Toscana toa quarter to one.

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