Milan, 63-year-old worker dies hit by a bucket detached from the excavator

One worker from 63 years old died at Milano after being hit in the head by one benna that broke away fromexcavator. The man was working in a construction site a Novate Milanese, in the province of the Lombard capital, when around 5 pm on Monday 10 January the extreme part of arm digger broke off, hitting him. Although he was rescued immediately, the worker arrived at the hospital Niguarda of Milan already in cardiac arrest. The 118 operators tried to revive him, but there was nothing they could do.

Just a few weeks ago, in the aftermath of the collapse of the crane that killed three workers in Turin on December 18, the director of the National Labor Inspectorate Bruno Giordano declared al Tg3, that nine out of ten construction companies are not in good standing. Statistics (stopped in October) say that the deaths at work in the sector ofbuilding they are a tenth of the total in 2021 (98 out of 1017). Just behind – among the riskiest sectors – there are transport e logistics. On that occasion the President of the Republic Sergio Matterella he defined the accidents at work “scandalously serious”.

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