Mike Tyson ‘sees’ his end: “The spots on my face make me understand that I will die soon”

Mike Tyson feels that its the end is near. Former mono heavyweight champion, talking about the podcast Hotboxinhas reported of having money problems, despite being (or having been) a multimillionaire. Also, to the therapist Sean McFarland said its death is next. “We will all die one day, of course. Then when I look in the mirror and see the little ones spots on my face, I say, “Wow. This means that my expiration date is approaching, very soon ”. Tyson also told his report with the money: “I always tell people that when you have a lot of money, you can’t expect anyone to love you. You think you are invincible, which is not true ”. And it doesn’t protect against death. “It doesn’t mean you won’t get sick or get hit by a car. Can money protect you when you jump off a bridge? “

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