Mike Tindall in the jungle camp: Mike Tindall’s recent statements in the jungle are causing a stir

Mike Tindall in the jungle camp
With this statement he breaks the royal protocol

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Mike Tindall has already caused a stir in the British jungle camp with both private and spicy anecdotes. Now he has made a controversial remark that clearly goes too far for royal experts.

As the first member of the Royal Family, Mike Tindall, 44, inspires the audience on the show “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!”, the British jungle camp. In recent episodes he has not only surprised with his rap talent, but also caused a stir with various stories: The former rugby player revealed that his first date with Zara Tindall, 41, ended in a drunken spree and that his wife gave birth to him her son Lucas, 1, “almost choked to death.” He recently reported on a particularly embarrassing event when his trousers burst a few years ago in the presence of his mother-in-law Princess Anne, 72.

Amusing anecdotes that are well received by Mike’s colleagues and the audience. However, divulging the extremely private details is likely to have caused displeasure among the British royal family. Now the 44-year-old even let himself be carried away to make a statement that violates royal etiquette in every form.

In the jungle camp, Mike Tindall breaks the highest royal bid

In the latest episode of the ITV show, Mike Tindall and his comrades-in-arms get cozy around the campfire, as he so often does. When the celebrities talked about the ousting of ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 58, Mike Tindall made a blunt remark: “I just think that all politicians are a**holes. Just because they are all Boris fans and didn’t like how Boris was removed, not picking the best person for the job – that just sums up politicians.”

In doing so, the ex-rugby star has clearly broken royal protocol: while he and Zara do not hold titles, they are also expected to remain politically neutral in public. Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams strongly condemns Tindall’s behavior: “Now he makes rash comments about politicians, knowing full well that royals are above politics and must avoid such statements. Whether viewers shorten his stay in the jungle or not, it seems like his brain is overheating in this unusual environment,” he told the Daily Mail.

His statements will haunt him forever

Fitzwilliams goes on to say that Mike Tindall didn’t do himself any favors by revealing the previous anecdotes. Zara Tindall’s husband has a “silly personality” which is actually an advantage because it makes him likeable and approachable. But making the story about him and Anne public was not advisable.

Mike Tindall and Princess Anne

These comments “will follow him in future articles written about him and Zara, because both are very successful. The audience of this reality show is huge, which will not help his image,” says the royal expert secure.

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