Mika: after knocking out the Eurovision contest, the singer and host of the evening clarifies things!

Saturday May 14, 2022 will have the grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest. An exceptional evening hosted from Turin by the Italian singer Laura Pausini, the flagship presenter Alessandro Cattelan and Mika. “I believe in bringing people together by breaking down the walls that separate us to celebrate what we have in common as well as our differences. We can do this through music, which is the most universal form of expression.“, explained the former juror of The Voice explaining that he has always been a fan of Eurovision. And yet, the interpreter of “Relax, take it easy” has not always had the same speech about the competition.

Because in 2015, interviewed on RTL, the singer had knocked out the program and his artistic choices. “Most of the songs that are in Eurovision are shameful. It’s shit!“, he had let go before adding: “It’s part of the game, you have to make songs that are terrible.“So inevitably, during a press conference in Turin, a few days before the grand final of Eurovision, Mika tried to catch up when he was asked about his old comments.Who has never said something stupid that they later regretted?“, he confided before explaining himself: “The competition has been modernized, over time, the show has considerably increased in quality, while keeping its soul, and it is this soul that pleases me and that I have always liked.“.

I said negative things at the time. First, didn’t you say things that you regretted a few years later? I am convinced that if added the native of Beirut. “I watched Eurovision all my life, I admired it, and sometimes I didn’t like certain things, like everyone who watched it. It’s part of the game. Having a strong reaction, being in a bar in the UK, and arguing about what’s good or bad, that’s how it goes“, he justified.


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