Miguel Cristovinho ‘opens his heart’ after difficult concert: “I had 38 fever…”

This Sunday, July 24th, Miguel Cristovinho reported on his Instagram page the difficult circumstances that preceded the DAMA concert that took place last night in Loures.

Half an hour before yesterday’s concert I had a fever of 38, lying in my bed freezing to death, with everything already prepared in case there was a gig without me. Somehow the idea of ​​being absent gave me the strength to leave the house and go to you“, revealed the singer, who even considered the possibility of missing the concert.

However, this did not happen and this made Miguel Cristovinho grateful: “Clearly I made the right decision. This is what we do, this is what we know how to do, entertain, share, share smiles and manifest good energy. I think that if I had to give the whole concert sitting or lying down, that’s what I had done too. Music heals, love heals, and you can be sure that each concert of these is a beautiful exchange, what you receive from us, we receive yours, double“.

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