Midi-Pyrénées is one of the regions where people live the longest in France and in Europe

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The new Eurostat statistics reveal the regions of France and Europe where life expectancy is highest. The South West of France is very well placed.

Where do we live the oldest in France? Which regions have the highest life expectancy in Europe? The South-West of France is one of the regions where people live the longest, according to the new Eurostat statisticsthe statistical office of the European Union.

It is in Corsica life expectancy is the highest in France: 84 years on average and even 87 years for women against 81 years for men. Corsica will even have more than 1,500 centenarians on its territory by 2050. Midi-Pyrenees comes second with an average life expectancy of 83.6 years (86.4 years for women, 80.7 years for men). Aquitaine is in third place with 83.5 years on average (86.2 years for women, 80.6 years for men).

Eurostat has kept the old French regions in its statistics. Thereby Languedoc-Roussillon has an average life expectancy of 82.7 years (85.8 years for women, 79.6 years for men). Île-de-France has an average life expectancy of 82.7 years. It is in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais and in Picardy that people live the least long: 80.4 years. These statistics show significant disparities between regions. The inhabitants of Midi-Pyrénées die on average three years later than the inhabitants of Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

Life expectancy by regions in Europe in 2020.
infog. Eurostat

Eurostat does not provide explanations for these differences between regions. Do we live longer in the South because of a better diet based on vegetables and fish? Because it is sunny more often? Because people from the South have the annoying habit of “taking their time”?

At European level, it is in France, Spain and Greece that people live the longest. Corsica tops the European podium at 84, followed by the Balearic Islands in Spain at 83.9 and the Epirus region of Greece at 83.8. Conversely, life expectancy in Europe is the lowest in Bulgaria at 72 years.

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