Micropenis: all you need to know about this sexual disorder

Definition: what is a micropenis?

The penis size is a subject that concerns many men, especially when they consider it too small. But too small compared to what, to whom? What if in ancient Greece, having a small penis was associated with intelligence; with the years and the development of pornography; the idea that a big penis is more virile has imposed itself. “The repository is therefore a criterion to be taken into account in order to be able to accompany the patient precisely”, underlines the urologist.

Size of a penis: can we speak of a standard?

Scientifically speaking, there is no size to characterize a “normal” penis. However, a 1996 article by Wessels reports that “a micropenis is less than 7 centimeters erect and less than 4 centimeters at rest”, indicates Antoine Faix who recalls the need to speak of average and not of normality. And if this publication is always considered as a reference, in practice, doctors are not required to use it to make their diagnosis and determine the management of their patient. More recently, as part of the 116th French Urology Congress, which took place from November 16 to 19, 2022 in Paris, indicators on the size* of a man’s penis at different ages have been specified (source 1):

  • birth less than 2 cm: abnormal
  • 11 years old: less than 4 cm: abnormal
  • adult: less than 7 cm: abnormal

*Data collected taking into account the length of the stretched penis, from the base of the pubis to the tip of the glans.

Penis measurement technique :

  • The penis length is measured on the dorsal side of the penis, from the pubic symphysis to the tip of the glans and this at three stages: flaccid penis (at rest), penis in maximum extension (in traction) and erect penis
  • The circumference is measured halfway between the pubic junction and the base of the glans.

Morphotype (height, weight), body mass index (pubic fat), history (circumcision) are other criteria to take into account to qualify the size of the penis. Data on his sexual partner such as the size of the vagina can also positively or negatively influence the perception of his penis.

Why do I have a little zizi? Causes and consequences

For men who have a penis really below the average size, less than 4 cm, the causes can be explained in different ways: malformation of the urinary canal identified during childhood, genetic or hormonal abnormality… “A micropenis can also be a consequence of a satellite disease from which the individual in question suffers”, specifies Antoine Faix.

Micropenis: a taboo in children?

Unlike the little girl who is medically monitored at puberty, with the onset of menstruation; to date, no measurement examination exists in the little boy to check the proper functioning of his sexual apparatus”, regrets the practitioner. Indeed, the health record does not yet provide for the collection of data on the measurement of the baby’s penis. , especially at birth.” A reflex that would make it possible to better follow the sexual growth of the young man in the making and in some cases, to be able to remedy the micropenis by injecting him with hormones between 11 and 14 years old.

Impotence: consequences of a small penis?

In 2002, a study revealed that women don’t care about penis size (source 2). A study to be handled with caution because the repository of the latter is not known. And if in general, there is no reason to associate the micropenis with sexual impotence, the latter can be the source of psychological block and therefore of frustration and sexual impotence. “In some cases, this can even lead to infertility,” continues Antoine Faix.

Micropenis treatments and operations: solutions exist

The micropenis is a frequent reason for consultation in urology which affects 3% of the male population (source 3). Several non-surgical and surgical solutions exist.

Non-surgical treatments

  • penis extender, manual process to lengthen the penis by exerting pressure on it. 1 to 2 cm of gain brought to the size of the penis, at rest. Only technique evaluated by studies.
  • Vacuum or vacuum pump which is part of the treatment options of erectile dysfunction. No proven effect on the healthy penis but effective on fibrosis. 90% success rate (source 4).
  • Other techniques: jelqing (tractions on the semi-erect penis) and Hanging(suspension of weight to the penis. No published effectiveness even if these techniques are very popular on the web.)

For these last two methods, theoretical risks such as Peyronie’s disease (deformation of the erect penis) or hyposensitivity of the glans (stretching, neurapraxia) must be taken into account.

Surgical treatments

An operation remains an act with irreversible consequences and which, in certain cases, can prove to be traumatic if the psychological aspect is not taken into account. Antoine Faix recommends a reflection time for the patient of 3 to 6 months between the first appointment and the start of treatment:

It’s a thankless surgery, I only perform 30 a year and only agree to operate on one patient out of 5 or 10 on average.

Moreover, this practitioner never proceeds to the surgical act without having carried out, beforehand, a psychological assessment of the patient. Also, he takes care to probe the real nature of the discomfort caused, whether sexual or aesthetic, in order to be able to provide appropriate solutions without disillusioning the patient.

Among the possible surgeries:

  • medical lengthening penoplasty by section of the suspensory ligament of the penis: the average gain observed is 2.7 cm.
  • enlargement penoplasty by injection of autologous fat/hyaluronic acid: medical technique practiced but which is still at the experimental stage, classified outside the MA (Marketing Authorization).

Before embarking on this or that treatment, it is strongly recommended to consult a specialized professional who takes into account the psychological state of the man. Also be wary of websites that offer miracle creams. “It is important to remember that the micropenis surgery is not yet at the top, we are limited by the anatomy and the functionality of the urinary canal in particular, which can also complicate the postoperative consequences”.

Operation: clearly define your expectations

The operation related to the micropenis is plastic surgery. No support from Social Security is therefore guaranteed, except in the case of proven micropenis with an underlying disease, upon filing of a file by the practitioner. A mistrust vis-à-vis an intervention that is too easy must be in order.

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