Mickey and Minnie Turn 93: The Couple’s Iconic Disney Moments

Mickey and Minnie Mouse celebrate their 93rd birthday on November 18th. The date marks the characters’ first appearance in the 1928 short Steamboat Willie.

Since then, the characters have become symbols of the studio. So, on the couple’s birthday, Disney unveiled the iconic moments of Mickey and Minnie.

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The list shows the evolution of beloved characters and their invasion of all media. Check out the moments that were selected and highlighted by Disney below.


In November 1928, it opened in Steamboat Willie theaters, a great success at the time. Thus, officially begins the story of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

In color for the first time

Seven years later, in 1935, audiences saw Mickey for the first time in color with the premiere of the animated short The Band Concert, Disney’s first color production.

first public appearance

As early as 1937, at the world premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – at Carthaym Circle in Los Angeles, Mickey and Minnie made their first public appearance. Reminiscent of the plush toys of the time, the costumes were made of black mesh, shorts, gloves and fabric masks.

TV debut

From the big screen to the small screen: Mickey made television in 1950. At the time, Disney produced the One Hour in Wonderland Christmas special, Walt Disney’s first television production.

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Disneyland opening

Mickey and Minnie Mouse joined other characters and employees at the opening of Disneyland in Anaheim (California) in 1955.

Stars on the walk of fame

In 1978, Mickey becomes the first animated character to earn a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 40 years later, in January 2018, Minnie also won her star.

Commemorative costumes for 90 years

In 2018, Mickey and Minnie turned 90, and as part of the celebrations, the couple received commemorative costumes as well as special programming at Walt Disney World and around the world.

40 years of album

Another special moment: the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the release of the Mickey Mouse Disney album. Originally released by Disneyland Records in 1979, the album was re-released in 1995 and gained an exclusive LP version in 2019.

Voice actors of Mickey and Minnie got married in real life

To finalize this selection, a curious fact involving the characters: The voice actor Wayne Allwine was responsible for giving voice to the mouse for over 30 years and he married Russi Taylor – none other than – the voice actress of Minnie. The two remained married until Wayne’s death in 2009.

Character productions can be viewed on Disney+.

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