Michou and Elsa Bois (Dance with the 11 stars) soon as a couple? She formalizes her celibacy and says more about their current relationship

Yesterday evening on TF1, the name of the finalists of Dance with the Stars 11 was unveiled! After fierce competition, two contestants finally qualified for the ultimate in the dance show. Michou and Elsa fans were also able to witness a new rapprochement between them which did not go unnoticed.… Just before their first dance, Michou confided in front of the camera: “With Elsa it’s complicated, in fact we’re friends but I think I want us to be more than friends… but I can’t do it” ! He then kissed her, suggesting that a romance might be possible between them …

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Elsa Bois and Michou on the verge of forming a couple? – Credit (s): TF1

If Michou has never hidden the feelings he had for Elsa Bois de Danse with the Stars 11 and even made a declaration of love to her on Twitch, the young woman has always been very firm on the subject and did not seem interested. The dancer was until now in a relationship, a love status that would have changed very recently … Is Elsa Bois about to be in a relationship with Michou? The writing of melty tells you more about his latest confidences.

Thus, the young woman confided: “There is nothing special between us. We have a lot of affection for each other, we are very good friends, it ends there”… For his part, Michou revealed during the premium of this November 19: “I couldn’t have had a better dance partner, we both get along too well, we complement each other a bit, we are a duo with a good chemistry”. Something to give hope to fans of the duo! Also find out here if the elimination of Dita Von Teese and Christophe Licata from Dancing with the 11 Stars was planned by the production.

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